Mentor Program#


Every technology team member has a mentor. These mentors are technology leads who have had at least 6 months of experience at Bixal. The purpose of this program is to encourage learning and growth in a lightly structured format and setting. Ultimately this program the following goals:

How it works#

  1. Before the new technology team member starts working, a lead is assigned a mentee. Both will be introduced within the end of 2 business days (preferably day 1).
  2. Introductions.
  3. The mentor will ensure that the mentee has access to all authorized bixal systems with 2FA enabled. The following is a list of all common services. A mentee may not need access to these, but this is a good 'checklist' of the basics.
    1. Jira
    2. Bitbucket, Gitlab, Github
    3. AWS, Azure,, Acquia
  4. Common software as well.
    1. PHPStorm (if requested)
    2. Sketch
    3. Correct root level access on local systems
  5. Introduce them to common level components used in projects. For instance, if the mentee will be working in drupal, show them Bixal/Drupal-Project and ensure they have what they need to run it.
  6. Set up a recurring monthly one-on-one for a half hour. These are mandatory. Even when busy (it's more important then). If you have to adjust them a few days go ahead. If you just did a performance evaluation (PEP) go ahead skip one. But if the person is busy on projects that's not an excuse. Mentors should be most involved in those situations advocating and helping correct spiking workloads.
  7. Ensure the mentee understands that everyone is available to help and teach at Bixal. However, if you are not getting the help you need, that the mentor is the mentee's advocate.

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