What is Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)?#

According to the archives.org website, "Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) is information that requires safeguarding or dissemination controls pursuant to and consistent with applicable law, regulations, and government-wide policies but is not classified under Executive Order 13526 or the Atomic Energy Act, as amended."

For Bixal employees: this applies to information that is created or possessed by a Bixal employee for or on behalf of the Government, that a law, regulation, or Government-wide policy requires or permits an agency to handle using safeguarding or dissemination controls, as stated above.

If you would like to learn more about the history of CUI, you can visit https://www.archives.gov/cui/cui-history.

Training Resources#

Controlled Environments & Overview#

This video provides environment examples and overview of why controlled environments are important. There are two "physical" scenarios, one that is suitable and another that is not suitable for the storage and handling of CUI.

Here is the link to the controlled environments & overview full length (6:05) video. Specifc information about controlled CUI for electronic/digital assets are found at 4:06.

Available links to the resource PDF and transcript for controlled environments & overview.

Destruction of CUI#

This video will provide an insight on different methods to appropriate destroy CUI when is no longer needed.

Here is the link to the destruction of CUI full length (2:57) video. The video covers both, physical and electronic form of CUI.

Available links to the resource PDF and transcript for destruction of CUI.

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