G Suite#

This page details the process for provisioning a user account in Bixal’s G Suite tenant. You will need administrator access in G Suite and the License administrator role in Office 365.

Single Sign On (SSO) is configured between Bixal’s G Suite and Bixal’s Office 365 tenant. Azure AD is the primary identity provider. Once a user is provisioned in both Azure AD and G Suite, the user can login into G Suite using their Azure AD login credentials.

Provision user in G Suite:#

  1. Create user in Office 365 tenant * The user must have a mailbox, so it will need to have an active Exchange license
  2. Assign the user a G Suite enterprise application license in Azure AD 1. Go to https://aad.portal.azure.com 2. Click Enterprise applications in the left pane 3. Search G Suite in the search bar 4. Click the G Suite enterprise application * Click the G Suite enterprise application 5. Click Users and groups in the left pane 6. Click + Add user * Click + Add user 7. Search for the user 8. Click Select 9. Click Assign to assign the G Suite enterprise license to the user * Click Assign
  3. Create the user in G Suite 1. Go to https://admin.google.com/ 2. Click the Users tile 3. Click Add new user * Click Add new user 4. A dialogue box will open, complete the required fields * The primary email address in G Suite must match the email address in Office 365
  4. Assign the user a G Suite Business license in G Suite 1. Select the checkbox for the user 2. Click More 3. Click Assign licenses * Click Assign licenses 4. Select G Suite Business and click Assign

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