Your First Day at Bixal!#

Welcome to Bixal! We know you probably have lots of questions and we hope this guide will help you get answers, or at least where to look! First a few notes about this technology handbook!

Welcome to the Bixal Techbook#

This guide aims to provide you with a searchable first stop to find out anything you might need involving technology. This documentation is meant to be simple and easy to understand. It's primary purpose is for the average employee, not just those in the technology silo. If you are reading something in here and it seems out of place, confusing, or needs updating please file an issue at If you are feeling particularly brave we gladly accept changes and pull requests! Ask any of the technology staff to show you how! You can do it from firefox or chrome, and don't need a lot of technology experience!

The Overall Process and What to Expect Your First Day#

Getting Help#

Firstly, if at any point, you have technology questions is here to help. There is a lot to absorb your first week so don't be shy reaching out for help. If we are not the correct team to help you, we can point you in the correct direction.

Things Every Employee Needs#

Things Every Employee Must Complete#

Technology Specific Items and Needs#

Every technology employee gets an onboarding lead and mentor. We have a Mentor Program described here. Read the above and ensure that you set up a recurring monthly meeting with your lead.

Application Development Team#

Operations Team#

The operations team gets access to all the same services as the application team. They additionally get access to:

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