Government Furnished Equipment (GFE)#

Tracking of GFE#

All Government Furnished Equipment, or GFE, need to be tracked in Bixal inventory system. The serial number, computer model, owner of the machine, computer name, and CAC or PIV serial number will be recorded within the inventory system.

Shipping GFE#

If a GFE needs to be shipped, the Bixal IT team will handle all label-making for GFE. Any piece of equipment that came with the GFE will also need to be shipped, unless instructed otherwise. Please contact for any shipping label with following info: the recipient’s info, details of what is being shipped, and an estimated weight.

When packing your GFE, please use a sturdy box and be sure the GFE is well padded with either bubble wrap, air packaging, or thick tissue paper. If your GFE is a laptop, please mark the outside of your box with the UN3481 label. If you need packaging material, please take the GFE shipment to FedEx with your shipping label. FedEx will box and pack the GFE for you. If there are any charges for packing, please expense it to Bixal through Unanet.

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